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It’s been a strange season, and an even stranger championship conclusion, and for much of today’s final race under the floodlit Yas Marina circuit I had been trying to figure out exactly why that was (partly because the lack of actual on-track action didn’t really leave me with much else to think about). My overriding reaction to when it became apparent that Ferrari had blown it and Sebastian was on course for the title was something along the lines of is that it?

In the grand scheme of things this season, Ferrari’s pit wall blunder seems like such a minor mistake to have been the deciding factor in this title, but perhaps that is just because there are so many mistakes to choose from this season. I think what Vettel’s surprise championship win has pointed out to me so clearly today is that I got so caught up with just how close and up/down this years championship battle has been, it had got to the point where the actual winner didn’t really matter anymore. Any five of this years contenders could have picked up the title and I would have felt the same because they’ve all proved themselves to be worthy of this years trophy. We’ve seen their good days and their bad days, they’ve all been responsible for stunning drives and terrible mistakes and when it came down to round 19, the fact that one of them would be declared winner had become just a technicality in their epic fight for “a few more points” than each other.

If anything this shows just how far Formula 1 has come in the space of just six years, when Schumacher and Ferrari both picked up their fifth consecutive titles. Sometimes things move so quickly in this sport we fail to notice just how much has changed. Formula 1 still has its issues, and I think it’s fair to say this was not the most exciting year of racing we’ve ever seen, but the fact that not only five drivers but three teams were in contention this year would have been an unimaginable level of competitiveness back in 2004. And with Brawn GP’s success still in the mind of the Mercedes team, and a resurgent Renault being led by Robert Kubica, next year is likely to become even more competitive. I’m not quite sure how five teams competing for a title would even work, but it would be a wonderful thing for F1.

Sebastian Vettel will go down on paper as the 2010 World Champion, but in my mind this was a championship that could have gone to five different people and it almost seems a shame for only one of them to take the glory. It’s wrong to say that history doesn’t remember the losers, though, and Jenson’s intelligence, Lewis’s aggression, Mark’s fighting spirit and Fernando’s determination are likely to be remembered in equal measure with Sebastian’s raw speed as the characteristics that defined Formula 1 in 2010.

As you may have guessed, I do have the intention of returning to this blog during the off-season, and I am just hoping that intention can lead to actual blog posts. For now though, I would just like to thank those that have for some reason stayed subscribed over the last year and a half of silence so … erm … Thanks!


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