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Real life is bloody irritating, isn’t it?  You set up a Formula 1 blog, pledge to spend hours updating and perfecting it, and then along comes ‘real life’ like a stalker waiting for the worst possible moment to make its presence known. It’s real life’s fault that this blog, well, failed. Nothing to do with a lack of commitment or motivation, real life is to blame for this abandoned attempt at a hyperactive examination of F1. Well, a lack of commitment and motivation probably played a bigger part than real life to be honest, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is I have returned to make a firm commitment that I will from this moment on be running an irregular, haphazard blog of questionable quality on all things (or rather some things) Formula 1. I beleive this is a promise I can almost certainly deliver on. Not a new years resolution, more an end-of-January resolution, but that suits my style of unapologetic lateness perfectly.

At some point in the near future I’ll be moving this blog somewhere else, but right now I’ve sat down and forced myself to write something about F1 before I have the chance to argue with myself over whether there is any point in doing so. So if you are reading this, then congratulations, you have given this blog post meaning and successfully proven myself wrong and right at the same time. I cant possibly thank you enough…  I think?

I love the off-season. Well every other year when I’ve actually been following the off-season I’ve loved it. It’s a great example of how Formula 1 can be interesting without any racing actually happening. I think if it were down to me there wouldn’t be any racing, the entire year would just be the off-season. That way I wouldn’t have to bother spending every other sunday watching cars go round and round in circles. Because secretly we all know that’s just the boring bit. Once the off-season comes around you get to hear about drivers with amazing names like Filipe Albuquerque and Bertrand Baguette, and how they might be moving to Toro Rosso because this guy told you that it is definitely going to happen, and he’s freinds with some other guy who just so happens to know a guy who once bumped into a guy who may or may not live in Milton Keynes. And you can’t argue with evidence like that, especially when GMM are reporting it too. There are other reasons why I love the off-season, but I fear I may be losing you, so I wont list them. The point is, since November, in which Abu Dhabi staged their second attempt at producing the most boring sporting event ever witnessed, I’ve been a bit disconnected with the goings on in F1, and having spent the last couple of hours catching up, this years off-season seem a bit… rubbish. Still, seeing as I’ve made it back to this blog just before the teams begin their annual ‘who can incorporate their sponsors logo in their livery the best’ competition (or the launch season as everyone else seems to call it), I thought I’d do a little round up of off-season news.

My dissatisfaction with this years off-season I think stems from the fact that the main news seems to have been about the Lotus vs Lotus saga, all of which is, ultimately, nonsense. F1 loves its pantomine heros and villians, though, and Bahar vs Fernandes looks set to reprise a role formerly filled by Hamilton vs Alonso, Barrichello vs Schumacher and Mosley vs common sense and human decency. For the record, I intend to continue calling the Renault team Renault and the Lotus team Lotus, as if nothing has changed, and I expect everyone else will do pretty much the same thing (apart from those who work at Renault, obviously). One interesting side effect of this story has been Autosport Magazine’s apparent suicide mission by running the headline ‘the real lotus is back’ on their front page, seemingly in an effort to alienate Fernandes supporters (or Fernandites as I shall call them), who probably make up the majority of their readership. Both the Lotus vs Lotus court case and evidence of Autosport’s inevitable decline in popularity are still to come.

Other news has included Rome giving up on their hopes of a Grand Prix with Russia being penciled in for 2014,  HRT leaving FOTA, Marussia (no idea either) sponsoring Virgin, F1 entering the world of HD, Luxembourg/Malaysian/French owned team Renault announcing they are British and Pirelli taking their role in Formula 1 very seriously by endlessly testing to ensure their tyres do not last too long during F1 races. Also various rule changes have taken place, which I shall go into at a later date, as they require a blog post of their own.

As far as the driver market is concerned, Williams have dropped Hulkenburg in favour of a Venezualen who has so much financial backing he may as well be made of gold. Both Renault and Virgin have made very good decisions in keeping Petrov and pushing Di Grassi aside for Jérôme d’Ambrosio respectively, while Sergio Perez has signed for Sauber. Force India are desperate to drop Liuzzi in favour of Paul di Reista, but rather amusingly appear to be unable to do so. HRT continue to be pointless and sadly appear to have dropped Bruno Senna and Karun Chandok in favour of a slower Indian driver and, erm, nobody. Easily the most shocking news of all, though, is that Michael Schumacher will be staying at Mercedes.

That’s all for now, I shall keep you updated on my future plans for this blog.


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